iCre8 SA Launch

We launched iCre8 SA with lots of energy and even more ideas. To inspire them, we introduced our innovators to Thato Kgatlhanye of Repurpose, the innovative company that uses recycled material to make backpacks for children. What makes these backpacks even more special is they have a built-in solar lamp that recharges as the children walk to school.

Our main speaker was then Business Day editor Songezo Zibi who spoke about the importance of innovation in building South Africa’s economy and society at large. We were entertained by the sweet sounds of Danielle Bowler and we even got our guests to kick of their shoes as they played the entrepreneurship board game.

It was a great start to a programme that combined all these elements of our launch—enthusiasm, energy, creativity and passion.

Our innovators got straight to work in a series of workshops all week, where they defined their ideas and began the journey from taking it from dream to reality. This was the first of four intense, weeklong sessions designed to bring their innovations to fruition. At the end of the first week, we held a dinner to seal a successful launch. Our guest speaker was Gauteng Premier David Makhura who taught the innovators how new ideas wold be incorporated to make Gauteng a world class economic region. After this, Mr Makhura also spoke to each of the innovators about their ideas.

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