About Youth Lab

Youth Lab is a registered non-profit company (NPC), with 100% of the ownership being young, black women.

Vision & Mission
What we aim to do

Youth Lab’s long-term vision is to be part of the group of organisations consulted by government, business, civil society and other organisations on the stances of young South Africans on socio-political issues.

Youth Lab, a registered non-profit company (NPC), aims to achieve the following:

  • Creating a platform for young people to have open discussions with political parties, policy-makers and other people of influence;
  • Educating young people on key issues of policy, society and economics in South Africa to empower them to become active citizens;
  • Providing a platform for other stakeholders to have access to an accurate point of view on the youth perspective, directly from the youth.


  • Facilitating discussion and lectures through face-to-face and digital events, forums, and discussion papers;
  • Providing a single access point to youth thought-leadership, ideas, analysis and critiques;
  • Developing policy and informing policymakers about youth position on key issues.
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