How We Equip
How We Equip

Youth Lab has a focus on the capacity development of young people, development practitioners and decision makers.


Youth Lab’s strength and authenticity lies in our regular and robust engagement with young South Africans all over the country. Through our various platforms, we provide a safe space for young South Africans to ventilate the issues that affect them and critique the policies that impact their daily lives. We also use our position as an established youth organisation to bring young people together with stakeholders like political leaders, industry titans and researchers to engage on policy and governance issues to shape South Africa.

PIN-Youth Assets

In January 2015 we launched the inaugural cohort of iCre8SA Innovators. These young people come from various parts of the country, represent different youth experiences and their innovations cut across a wide range of industries. From engineering to the arts, innovation at iCre8SA is about training young people in thinking innovatively, exposing them to networks of people and organisations that can help them sharpen their ideas and connecting them to funders and resources that will take them from ideas to action. iCre8 eKasi is a township economic revitalisation revitalising project aimed at innovating economic ecosystems in townships, by leveraging the potential of the youth.

EDUCATE young innovators by providing personal, leadership and practical skills

MENTOR young innovators during the programme

CONNECT young innovators with outside resources and talent (entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, and services providers) to help facilitate their individual projects

FUND venture development by providing internal funding and facilitating external funding with other institutions

INCUBATE startup ideas by providing suitable space and opportunities to exceptional ideas.

Youth Sensitive Budgeting

In partnership with the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Development in Africa, Youth Lab has hosted Youth-sensitive budgeting workshops in South Africa, Lesotho and Botswana with parliamentarians, local councillors and political party representatives. The workshop is an interactive learning process designed to illustrate ways that the budget can be used to resourcing youth interventions directly and meet the needs of young Africans indirectly.

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