Youth Lab’s creates platforms for frank and productive interactions between youth as citizens, policy-makers, political leaders and leaders.

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Youth Lab has a focus on capacity development of young people, youth and development practitioners and decision–makers.

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Youth Lab values evidence-based governance and uphold the value that knowledge empowers young people as individuals and active citizens.

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Consultation and Research

We are dreamers, creators, innovators and achievers. We are you.

Nestled inside every young person is a great man or woman, and standing in the way of this greatness are problems created by generations before us. We are the connected generation that is comfortable with learning, and digital and expansive spaces. In our continent and country, we are potentially the generation that can move our democracies towards modern but truly African institutions that represent who we are geographically, ethnically, in all our diversity; but also more importantly make our democracies the kind of spaces that will spark the modern South Africa and Africa.

Youth Lab creates the bridge between government and the private sector and young people in communities. There are a host of socio-economic challenges facing South Africa’s youth today. This we know all too well. There are also, a wealth of individuals and organisations who want to help move South Africa forward. To facilitated this engagement, Youth Lab also functions as a consultancy, hosting workshops and training sessions. We are also a premier youth think tank, offering original research on youth in South Africa, and the rest of the continent. Find our more here.