iCre8 eKasi

iCre8 eKasi is a Youth Lab is a township economic revitalisation project aimed at innovating economic ecosystems in townships. iCre8 ekasi leverages potential opportunity for economic investment and trade by focusing on mapping, innovating and reactivating the potential of young people as economic actors. Through iCre8 ekasi townships are changed into hubs of social and economic life that sees communities responding to the social and economic ills they face by harnessing existing economic needs and assets by turning them into opportunities for entrepreneurship, employment, new industries and new patterns of trade within townships. In 2016 the township that has been identified for this project is the Ekurhuleni township of Tembisa. Youth Lab will host 5 phases of the project between May and October 2016.

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The aim of this project is to use mechanisms such as dialogue, asset mapping, training and community showcasing to meet the following objectives:

  • Use a youth lens to understand the existing problems, socioeconomic and economic opportunities in communities.
  • Train young people to have skills, information and networks that empower them to become better financial actors, consumers, business owners and economic community shapers.
  • Create and incentivise opportunities for young people to showcase the economic opportunities that the training has assisted them to enact and the ways in which this leads to the outcomes of having increased economic activity within townships
  • A mapping out and testing an economic ecosystem model that is specific to townships and driven by the vision and energy of young people.

iCre8 eKasi Project Phases
PHASE 1: Mapping the Economic Ecosystem
PHASE 2: Skills Festival
PHASE 3: eKasi Innovation Challenge
PHASE 4: Green Innovation Bootcamp
PHASE 5: Showcase: eKasi economics

For more information on this programme, email info@youthlab.org.za

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