Training and Consultation: Toward the Africa We Want

“The Africa we want” is the message of Agenda2063, a 50 year Africa plan that outlines the shared vision of the African Union for the future of the continent. With 7 Aspirations Agenda2063 acknowledges the capabilities of young Africans and demographic dividend youth represent at the forefront of the Africa’s development vision. In 2015 and 2016 Youth Lab have participated in various activities of the African Union Commission.

Attended by young Africans from all regions of the continent events like Africa Youth Day and the Intergenerational Dialogues hosted by the AUC Youth Division present opportunities for young people to interact with African leaders about youth-driven solutions to Africa’s problems. Youth Lab has developed a relationship with the African Union Commission’s African Governance Architecture in developing its Youth Engagement Strategy on democracy and governance. Through doing work with the AUC, Youth Lab strengthens its commitment to youth development and building bridges between young people and decision makers.

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