Workshops: Youth Sensitive Budgeting across Southern Africa

The national fiscus is one of any government’s tools for good governance and ensuring the development of a country and its citizens. Youth make up a large and important demographic in African countries as they represent a large segment of working age people, are a consumer base and have the greatest potential to generate new knowledge and new industries. Similarly, young people also bear the greatest burden of social ills. Poverty, crime and unemployment disproportionately impact young Africans. Thus, governments have a responsibility to account well for the impact it makes on youth.

In partnership with the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Development in Africa, Youth Lab has hosted Youth-sensitive budgeting workshops in South Africa, Lesotho and Botswana with parliamentarians, local councillors and political party representatives. The workshop is an interactive learning process designed to illustrate ways that the budget can be used to resourcing youth interventions directly and meet the needs of young Africans indirectly. The workshops cover topics including understanding youth transitions, understanding budgeting for governance and youth-sensitive allocations.

To book a training session or access the training materials, email Tessa Dooms at tessa.dooms@youthlab.org.za.

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