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About Youth Lab

As a policy think-tank, Youth Lab works to provide various platforms for young people and decision-makers to exchange ideas, develop strategies and execute plans that will enhance the lives of young South Africans. Our programme areas are designed to meet these objectives by leveraging unique methodologies, our broad skill sets and our organisation's social capital to deliver projects that produce new thought and inspired action through interaction, knowledge sharing and empowerment.

Consultation and Research

We are dreamers, creators, innovators and achievers. We are you.

Nestled inside every young person is a great man or woman, and standing in the way of this greatness are problems created by generations before us. We are the connected generation that is comfortable with learning within expansive and digital spaces. In our continent and country, we are potentially the generation that can move our democracies towards modern but truly African institutions that represent who we are geographically, ethnically, in all our diversity; but also more importantly make our democracies the kind of spaces that will spark the modern South Africa and Africa.
Youth Lab creates the bridge between government and the private sector and young people in communities. There are a host of socio-economic challenges facing South Africa’s youth today. This we know all too well. There are also a wealth of individuals and organisations who want to help move South Africa forward. To facilitate this engagement, Youth Lab also functions as a consultancy, hosting workshops and training sessions. We are also a premier youth think tank, offering original research on youth in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

Who is Youth Lab?

Youth Lab was created by a group of young people—professionals and students—to be a connector. We aim to be a bridge for South Africa’s youth to be able to mould their futures. In the same way that a bridge, for all its strength, is a passive connector, Youth Lab will be a non-partisan connector between young South Africans and the policies that shape their lives.

The focus of Youth Lab’s approach is empowerment. Youth Lab aims to create spaces for young people to significantly increase their understanding and engagement on policy and socio-economic issues that directly affect them, with the objective of increasing the youth’s voice and participation, and the nation’s consideration of youth efforts, in policy definition and implementation.

Youth Lab, a registered non-profit company (NPC), aims to achieve the following:

  • Creating a platform for young people to have open discussions with political parties, policy-makers and other people of influence;
  • Educating young people on key issues of policy, society and economics in South Africa to empower them to become active citizens;
  • Providing a platform for other stakeholders to have access to an accurate point of view on the youth perspective, directly from the youth.


  • Facilitating discussion and lectures through face-to-face and digital events, forums, and discussion papers;
  • Providing a single access point to youth thought-leadership, ideas, analysis and critiques;
  • Developing policy and informing policymakers about youth position on key issues.
Youth Lab's long-term vision is to be part of the group of organisations consulted by government, business, civil society and other organisations on the stances of young South Africans on socio-political issues.
Youth Lab is a youth policy think tank that works to improve youth capacity and mainstream youth participation in community building and policy making. Our goal is to find young peopl where they are, and work together so that youth voices can be amplified and youth work can be supported.

Youth Lab is a registered non-profit company (NPC), with 100% of the ownership being young, black women


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