Policy Conversations

Policy Conversations

Policy conversations encourage young people to express their opinions, and challenge ideas about the challenges facing young South Africans across the country. 

Tertiary Transformation

What does real transformation look like on our universities? After a screening of Luister and Decolonising Wits, we spoke to student leaders.

First time voters, why vote?

Youth Lab visited a classroom of at Lance Vale Secondary School in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, where we had an honest discussion with first time voters.

Getting Graduates To Work

Despite their education, why are so many graduates still excluded from South Africa's economy? Youth Lab visited the University of Johannesburg to talk to young graduates

Student Protests: What next?

To protest or not to protest? How can student protests bring real change? Youth Lab spoke to the students of Wits University

Rethinking Youth Unemployment

More than 3 million young South Africans are unemployed. We spoke to young people in Port Elizabeth about their job-seeking strategies. 

The Anatomy of Decolonisations

There has been a clarion call to decolonise South Africa's universities, but what does a decolonised campus look like?